Whizz helps you EARN REWARDS by simple task of sharing your photography. We are independent community of small group of Photographers and Artists with creativity. The meaning of Whizz is Artist.



We give rewards like Wallet cash(PAYTM, etc.), T-shirts, Gift Hampers, Mobile accessories and more. To win them just go through the instructions given below. Who knows you are the next winner of the reward.


Rules and Participation

The Basics

  • Whizz uses a Season and League table system.
  • Season will change in every 3 Months and every League the Reward amount increases.
  • League is a month based category.
  • In every week, first 3 days we will collect the photo’s and at the weekends winners will be decided and the reward will be given to them under 3 days after the winner’s are decided.
  • Season Reward will be told to you before the season starts.


How To Win

  • Don’t use any kind of Photoshop software, keep it as simple as possible.
  • Click on the camera you have, doesn’t matter’s it’s a Phone or a DSLR.
  • Try to send the photo’s as early as possible.
  • Feel Free to describe what you are showing in your photo.
  • (Try not to use any kind of watermark in your photo)


How To Submit

  1. Every week we will give you Topic’s according to that you have to click the Photo.
  2. Click the Submit menu or Email the photo us at submit@whizz.net.in
  3. Photo’s can be taken in any type of camera like Digital, Mobile, Action etc.
  4. Remember to state your E-mail and Mobile No. when you are sending the Photo’s.


Whizz Community answers.

What whizz does is just say’s you to take part in our Tournament click one picture as per given topic. Then winner’s will be chosen either by us or we will have Live Polls and they get assured rewards.

We are better than other cause other website takes the ownership of the photos or make you create your own account well we don’t. Winner’s are decided on season system.

As we are going through the first year of whizz, so be calm theirs lot more coming. Our community is always there for your help. Give your personal suggestion to us for anything about tournament or website.

So what are you waiting for…

Grab your camera. Go out. Click some amazing photo’s.