How can we get Rewards From whizz?

Every week we host a tournament with assured rewards. You need to Just participate in it and wait for the results.

Is there any age criteria for participation?

No, anybody can enter this tournament.

What are the Reward’s be like?

It can be Gift Hampers, T-shirt, Wallet cash, etc. (Depends upon the Season Reward)

How much time does it will take for the reward to reach at us?

At the weekends (most probably Sunday) whenever the winner’s will be announced the reward will be given to them in 3 days.

How do Whizz will know that the reward must be given to the right person?

Whizz will contact the winner’s and during the submission period we will ask you for your E-mail and Phone no.

How many winner’s can be chosen?

Depends upon the season system. (You will be informed before the season starts)